Your Competent Partner for a Unique Region


Caribbean Diagnostics distributes world class laboratory diagnostic equipment and consumables for many of the top names in the industry. We have actively sought out only the best, so that we have every confidence in the equipment we supply and our clients get the quality and resilience necessary for successful operations within the unique context of the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is a unique region, with geographical, meteorological, transport and electrical challenges to name but a few. The high temperatures and in some places constantly high humidity exert their effects in many ways. All of these issues demand a distribution partner with a strong knowledge of diagnostic equipment, coupled to genuine operational insight in our region. And that’s why so many have chosen Caribbean Diagnostics.

The Power of Five

Our sales team, headed by Carol Wilhelm, herself a medical technologist, is renowned for being able to provide expert advice on selection of equipment and options suited to the needs of each laboratory. Our clients stretch from a one-man physician office to most of the largest hospital-based laboratories, along with everything in between. Each need is unique. We have developed a considerable reputation for our intelligent and practical advice. The right equipment choice makes for a happy client and happy clients make successful manufacturers.

When appointing a distribution partner, you want to know your products are going to be promoted professionally and sufficiently, using the right mix of techniques available today. The marketing function is headed by Andrew Vincent, bringing more than 25 years of healthcare, pharma & device marketing experience, including product launches, event management and considerable online marketing expertise. Andrew’s senior management heritage in European & US Pharma & Device companies means your products are in safe marketing hands.

This is a big deal in the Caribbean. The region is characterised by lots of quite small laboratories, alongside the fewer larger ones. Consequently, comparatively few have redundancy built into their operations and if a machine goes down then work stops. Our service approach is a big part of our reputation and success. Headed by Bill Bowe, our approach includes:

  • Multiple service professionals, each trained across as many instruments as is practical, so as to provide redundancy in our own service team… just in case
  • Our Service team offers installation, implementation and training on all products.
  • Technical support via Skype, FaceTime and telephone
  • Distributed service team so that nowhere in the Caribbean is more than a few hours away in an emergency

We tend to distribute equipment that is renowned for reliability. However, inevitably things happen and that’s when the speed and quality of response affect our reputation and yours alike. We take no chances.

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Did we mention we also run a significant lab here in Cayman?