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Project Description

Horiba Medical – GOLD STANDARD French quality, Japanese technology with multiple easy – to -use features, CLOSED or OPEN Tube operation, user -defined rules and auto-loading that makes these the top brand analyzers world wide. Horiba offers a wide range of instruments to fit the needs of any Lab.

Micros ES 60, 3 Part Diff, Closed / Open Tube, Built in Printer
Micros 60, 3 Part Diff, Closed / Open Tube
Yumizen H500, 5 Part Diff, Closed / Open Tube
Yumizen H550, 5 Part Diff w/ Autoloading
Pentra 60 C+ 5 Part Diff, 5 Part Diff, Closed / Open Tube
Pentra XL 80, 5 Part Diff with Auto Loading & Retics
DX 120, 5 Part Diff, Autoloading, NRBC, RETICS, Slide Stainer

Horiba Medical Hematology Portfolio

Product Movie:


Micros 60

3 part differential with reliable results of 16 parameters.





H500 and H550 with autoloader



Project Details

  • Date 4 March, 2014
  • Tags Hematology

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